Wednesday, September 4, 2013

12 Things that Make it OK for my Babies to Grow Up

I hate the idea of my babies getting older and older and not being my babies forever.

I get so sad when I look at them and realize how big they already are.  As handsome as they are becoming, I am sad to see them lose their "baby face."  My gosh it REALLY DOES go by way too fast!  I want them to love me the way they do RIGHT NOW forever and ever and ever.  Letting me hold them and wrapping themselves around me as I scoop them up.  Seeking me for comfort with every hurt feeling or booboo.  Letting me nuzzle and tickle them.

BUT... I have to remind myself that no matter how much I will miss their baby smell and soft skin, there ARE things I am excited to share with them when they are older that I just can't wait for!  (a lot of them have to do with reading.... I guess that's just how I plan to show them the world... well not necessarily this world... you'll see...)
I can't wait to:
  1. Go to Disney World.  We don't really have to wait for this, but we will.  I want them to be able to really appreciate the magic (and make it worth the money!!!).  I'm kind of a Disney nut and I want to enjoy being there too, so we will wait until they are a bit older for this.  Not too much older, though... I can't wait THAT long!
  2. Be cured by Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  I remember finding Mrs. Piggle Wiggle hilarious when I was in third grade and my teacher would read them to the class as a reward for good behavior.
  3. Get lost in the Labyrinth.  I haven't shown them this movie yet because I'm not sure if it would scare them a bit... public opinion seems to be that they are too young for David Bowie's pants bulge situation.  Bowie bulge aside, it is one of my favorite movies from my childhood (okay okay adulthood too).  Side note: this movie came out in theaters on the day I was born... for whatever reason that makes me feel special.
  4. Go back in time.  I would love to road trip (train trip?) our way from Maine down to Florida, and visit historic sites to learn and experience American History.
  5. Watch the big game.  Whatever sport they end up favoring... for my sake it hopefully won't be football... we are going to have a blast staying up to watch the big game.  Whether it's the Stanley Cup or the World Series, we are going to party and cheer and eat and make some awesome memories!
  6. Road trip cross country to visit all the MLB ballparks.  This is a dream of my husband's and mine (the two of us have been to six, including the late great Shea Stadium & the new Citi Field).  It's quite the long shot to say we will get to EVERY one, but you never know.
  7. Get lost in the world of Redwall.  I am so eager to read these to them.  To imagine we are woodland animals defending out home and our friends from harm.  I am already looking forward to building a model of Redwall Abbey with them, mapping the long journey to Salamandastron to battle alongside the hilarious Salamandastron Hares and the Noble Badger Lords, replicating battle scenes, and feasting... Oh all the feasting to be done in Redwall.  I'm excited to explore the different dialects and cultures throughout Mossflower, and to experience, over and over, good triumphing over evil.
  8. Discover Narnia.  There is a wardrobe just waiting for us to travel through, and oh we will!  I can't wait for my kids to be loved by Aslan and resist the temptations of the White Witch.  And not just The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, we will visit Narnia again and again throughout the entire series, we will even witness it's creation in The Magician's Nephew.
  9. Defeat the Nothing.  I loved The Neverending Story (the movie) as a kid, and I loved the book EVEN MORE when I read it as an adult.  As a literature study, we can also read The Book of Lost Things, which is similar and also amazing.
  10. Rule the night with the Gargoyles.  I love this series and am so looking forward to watching it with them.  It is a great example of recycled literature with all of its mythological and Shakespearian plots.
  11. Travel Middle Earth together.  From Bilbo's first meeting with Gandalf, to Frodo's return to the Shire, and everything in between... I CAN'T WAIT to read these with them!
  12. Overhear them one day tell their own kids about what a cool mom I was and all the awesome things I taught them.
This just skims the surface of all the things I am looking forward to doing with these two boys of mine (and any other siblings that join the adventure... just saying... I sure wouldn't mind!), and barely touches on all the books I'd love to read with them!

I wish they could be my little babies forever and I could live in my memories of them... but I'm forever thankful that I will always be their mother, and for all the memories we still have to make.

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  1. What a wonderful list! My kiddo is 7, so we have already checked off a few things on your list. I will have to read the Neverending Story to him. He loved the movie a few years ago.

    1. It's a great book! Enjoy! Thanks for the comment

  2. Wow, what a heartfelt post about reality. Thank you for sharing so much of what you wish to do, sort of like a pre-18 bucket list. This inspires me to make my own. Thank you again for sharing.

    Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! I do hope that you will visit my neck of the magical woods every week and take a quick rest by the tree on the tree stump while you read everyone’s blog posts that they have so thoughtfully shared with all of us.

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